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How to Maintain Initials Ring

Initials rings have become very popular over the recent years due to the intimate connection they exude. Many people have also started using rings that contain initials at weddings too. Often, it is perceived as a  thoughtful gift, given to someone special. Though you can find different rings made using different metals, gold and platinum rings usually look the best. An Initials ring, also known as a name ring, is usually made through custom order, depending on the initial, ring size and design you prefer. Many people feel that owning an initials ring exudes confidence. Some people also state that having their name on jewelry makes them feel special.  However, though owning a simple gold band is easier to clean than...

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Effective Tips On How To Maintain Silver Personalized Jewelry

Silver is a very beautiful and versatile metal. Moreover, its soft gleam adds a touch of elegance to the custom necklaces and other jewelry. Despite being quite beautiful, silver is also very fragile and it can quickly develop stains, tarnish or scratches. Cleaning silver jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and custom necklaces can be a bit scary mainly because they are very delicate.  However, over time your beautiful silver jewelry begins to dull and stops looking new. Silver jewelry tarnishes and darkens with exposure to humidity. Exposure to common skincare products such as makeup and lotion as well as exposure to other daily elements can take a toll on your silver jewelry. Understanding how to maintain and clean your silver jewelry properly...

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How to keep your sterling silver jewelry shiny and never fade or turn green?

Has this happened to you with any other sterling silver or base metal (costume jewelry) rings? Has the ring come into contact with sweat or any chemicals (like cleaning sprays)? Did you wash your hands or shower wearing it? Remember that silver is nowhere near as durable as gold alloys when exposed to elements (I've seen some horrible oxidation and pitting on jewelry that's never been taken off). Why your skin turn green?  It's definitely not because it's faulty, it could be your body's reaction to the silver. Sterling silver is 7.5 percent copper when it comes in contact with your skin, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the green color. This reaction happens more commonly with sterling silver than...

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